Year 1 – Blwyddyn 1

Welcome to Year 1 – Croeso i’r Blwyddyn Un

Our topic this term is ‘Dinosaurs’. We have turned into palaeontologists who are studying artefacts and dinosaur bones to make intrepid discoveries of a long ago past. We will be studying fossils, discovering dinosaur facts, stomping through swamps and writing poetry! We will also be making dinosaurs out of many different media, composing dinosaur music, using ICT to draw dinosaurs and write dinosaur facts. Our classroom has been transformed into a Swamp with a Dinosaur museum containing real artefacts and we have a ‘Writing Jeep’ where we can drive into the world of words and imagination. We will be taking you along for the ride of your life! So hang on tightly………

Our RE topics this term are:

  • ‘Special People’ where we learn all about people who are special in our lives and people who are special in our Parish Family including Fr Edmund and the jobs he does to serve Jesus.
  • ‘Meals’ which is about the Holy Eucharist and Mass. We will also be introducing Lent from February 14 th which is Ash Wednesday
  • ‘Change’ which is about Lent and the Holy Week stories.

Class Information

Teacher – Miss R O’Sullivan

LSO – Miss J Barry

  • P.E. is on a Monday so we need kit every MONDAY please.
  • Spelling tests and Maths tests are on WEDNESDAY
  • Please label all items of uniform.
  • Home Readers- you are requested to return books twice per week. Please look at the front of your book to see which days. Please make a comment in the book. This is very important to us.

Thank you for your kind co-operation

Home Learning

Homework is generally given on a Friday for return on Wednesday please


Key Dates